Entering the startup world

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Entering into the unknown…

A slightly shorter post today as it involves you reading something else! Note, for those who have an aversion to foul language, this link may not be for you. For the rest have a read here before continuing.

I stumbled upon this article a few weeks before my venture into the unknown. Once I got past the humorous nature of the post, I started to realise there are some useful insights.

My immediate thought was immersion. It seems so easy to get sucked into the world of startups. You start needing to follow the latest hip trends to fit in. And if we are honest, tapping into our insecurities is oh so easy nowadays, especially with social media  (I’ll have a follow up post about this). It does make you wonder if people forget that they need to actually do some work and not just doing ‘stuff’ to look like an ‘entrepreneur’ right?

But then again maybe most ‘entrepreneurs’ don’t understand what work actually is. As a graduate how much did you understand about the need to generate value? And as the author says, straight out of college and calling yourself an ‘entrepreneur’ means you are unemployed. Let’s not sugarcoat this folks, I may not be straight out of college, but I am an unemployed person with no income. As a few friends have pointed out, maybe I should shut up and just get a job 😉

As I begin to attend meetups and networking events, I will be keeping a keen eye on how I change and evolve my personality to tune in to a completely different environment from the corporate machine. It will be amusing to see what cliches I start falling into (waking up at 04.30 is not going to be one of them). I’ll document them and report back…

Finally I will end with one highly interesting quote from the blog. It’s a point that has always puzzled me and touches on how traditional thoughts about business have changed:

‘you should celebrate any day that you don’t have to sell off another part of your company.’

Quite so. What struck a chord with you? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Entering the startup world

  1. The guy in the post is hanging about with a lot of Wantrepreneurs. Any good entrepreneur is worrying / talking / thinking / doing one thing – working out how to build a product that their users love. Anything else is just worthless bullsh*t.


    1. This seems to be my general opinion as well of most so called entrepreneurs. Will no doubt be similar in most parts of the world. It’s somehow been made out to be the image that one needs to ‘fit in’


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