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Startup thoughts

Defining an ‘entrepreneur’

I have an idea! What to do next?

What we really want is just stuff that works

Product versus Growth

The need to be different

Pitfalls of being too social

The art of staying disciplined

Why you need a website (or not)

3 disruptive technologies for the next 10 years

5 tech areas that may not be quite disruptive

Business cards – an antiquated delight

Why you need a co-founder

The benefits of having a mentor

Utilising family and friends

Navigating meetup groups

Case studies

Case study: Raising $1bln and why cash is king

Case study: Tesla versus traditional car making

Case study: Canada Goose

Case study: Alexa and connected homes

Case study: The Nokia 3310

Case study: Snap IPO and transparency

Catching up with Nokia and Snap

Trump’s truck and attempting to outsmart Amazon

Beating Kickstarter

Case study – exploding batteries and the power of branding

Case study: drones and value proposition

Self musings

Last week I quit my job – here’s why

10 years in ‘big oil’ – 5 things I learnt (part 1)

10 years in ‘big oil’ – 5 things I learnt (part 2)

Reflections – one month in

Reflections – 3 months in

Reviewing 2016 – why people are so unhappy

Merry Christmas and Season Greetings

New Year Resolutions – 5 for 2017

Energy Innovation – part 1

Energy Innovation – part 2

Introducing – my new venture

A critique of Puls8 – part 1

A critique of Puls8 – part 2