Introducing – my new venture

I am happy to formally announce/launch my new venture –! It’s taken a wee while to get to this point but a lot of hard work has also gone into getting this up and running along with my co-founder Albert (his bio is here). So what is it we do? Puls8 is a product development firm attempting to simplify and make product design easy. We primarily focus on the consumer electronics market and help take ideas from understanding your customer, through to concept prototyping and beyond. We aim to achieve this in a low cost solution so you can test ideas with minimal risk. We work with startups and individuals. 

Who remembers this article? This is a fundamental post for Puls8 and one I will be using for many months to come. It is critical in understanding an idea. I want to get people out of the problem identification and finish the concept prototyping as quick as possible. This can be made more difficult if there is a lack of process and can result in wasting time and money, which we’ve discussed before is usually in short supply. Puls8 is an opportunity to help people get things done properly.

I am going to keep it short and leave it here. I would appreciate if my readers can look through the site and leave any feedback either in the comments or via

Oh please also like the Facebook page where you can also stay up to date with our development. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram which should keep me entertained for a while!

Over the next series of articles, I am (hopefully) going to demonstrate that I really have used my own advice in setting up Puls8 and also point out some of the pitfalls/failings I’ve inevitably fallen in to. Stay tuned!


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