The great blog revival (and something new…)

Well hello readers, it has been a while hasn’t it?

I haven’t quite lived up to my expectations set out in January of maintaining this blog. In fact it’s been pretty woeful – my last post was nearly 7 months ago! So what happened? At the most basic level, probably laziness. Delving deeper, there are two other factors worth discussing:

  • My own direction through this journey has constantly evolved – it has been a hectic year with many changes. I talked about in the very beginning that a blog needs some focus and well that has been lacking. That definitely needs to be documented properly and here is probably the best outlet for that, so I’ll come back to that over the weeks.
  • I satisfied some basic curiosity of understanding my ability to write content if needed. I published a total of 43 posts over a 6 month odd period, trying to maintain a twice a week sort of schedule. Admittedly looking back some of it was pretty rubbish, but there was some pretty good stuff too that I’m still happy with. But twice a week was also too demanding for me without a proper focus.

So why am I back here now? That said ‘focus’ is a bit more apparent and worthy of sharing. I am very happy to announce my participation in a new company – TakeMeAway (click through and signup to stay up to date!). TakeMeAway helps you to be in great locations for the weekend, all within your budget.

Getting into the travel business is definitely a bit of a direction change (again we’ll come back to that in the coming months) but it is an exciting industry that still has untapped potential. So I am excited with how we progress as we lead up to our release on 1st February.

We’ll be running a blog to keep everyone informed of our progress (link to link) – again please signup to stay up to date. But I also want to give this blog a new lease of life and document all the challenges I face as CEO which don’t come under the remit of the company blog. Which also means covering what on earth I’ve been up to over the last 7-8 months. I’ll be aiming for once a week – a much more sustainable schedule.

You can stay up to date by following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook .

Finally – where do you want to be this weekend? #TakeMeAway


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