Is Society about to be upheaved?

It seems everyone needs to update and have their say on the Corona Virus. And there is a lot to cover; the virus itself, how it spreads, self-isolation, markets collapsing, recession risks, Government response and toilet roll. Columbus clearly understood the importance of toilet roll (ok, paper towels) in Zombieland (Rule#12) so maybe a method to the madness?

I guess I should write some sort of opinion piece now I’ve made the effort to start this post, but honestly there is so much going on it’s hard to pick a place to start. My last post, cashflow – revisited was very much a primer on being prepared for the difficulties that 2020 is likely to bring. However in this ever changing world where news is out of date 12 hours later, it feels inadequate. We’re going to see lots of small businesses and start-ups defaulting and closing shop but there are more pressing concerns on providing the right economic stimulus to help individuals. Frankly this needs to happen ASAP or we’re going to see a total collapse in society. The last thing we need is millions of people losing their job all at the same time, which is where we are heading. Especially in the United States where workers don’t really have any rights. It will require Governments and Central Banks to throw out the rulebook and being brave in taking real action. Forget a recession, we could be heading into a new depression.

I feel we’re on the cusp of some sort of major structural change in society – a rebalance in how businesses operate (goodbye cushy exec bonuses, dividends etc.) and their relationship with staff. Monumental. Make no mistake, all of these issues have been simmering for a while. The Corona Virus has been an accelerator towards the tipping point. We may not exactly be on the verge of a zombie apocalypse, but the fallout could very well be close enough to it. Maybe the Zombieland Rules are worth brushing up on. It’s worth recapping the first two rules, both extremely important when in isolation – Rule #1 Cardio and Rule #2 Double-Tap…..


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