Last week I quit my job – here’s why


Hello and welcome! My name is Junaid and last Friday I quit my job.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite so dramatic (it did catch your attention though, right?) but in my defence it was my last day in the office. Once I was out of the revolving doors for the final time, I considered my immediate emotions. Meh, nothing much. Which kind of surprised me, I half expected to be a bit sad, maybe pensive over my future but honestly not much.

Maybe at this point it’s worth giving the readers who don’t know me a bit of a background. I started working for a big oil & gas corporation 10 years ago. I began in Aberdeen, Scotland and after two years I moved to the Netherlands (you should be able to work out the Company by now). Last May I was ‘repatriated’ (i.e. kicked out) back to Aberdeen. Through a long and protracted process I decided to leave the company to explore ‘other options’.

Now I know what you are thinking, ‘other options’ sounds very vague. I’m leaving it that way to shroud myself in a little mystery (hey, I don’t want to use all my material in my first post….). But essentially I am now an ‘entrepreneur’ and along the way a budding writer/blogger.

I digress, what I wanted to focus on is the reasons why I left. Many of the points you maybe able to relate to if you are working for a big corporation. Firstly though I want to discuss motivation. Why do we work? Fresh out of Uni, I had one aim – a job. I thought it sounded interesting and it was an added bonus that it paid decent. Over the years that view changed. Yes money remained a motivation, but it lessened somewhat. During the last few years prior to moving back to Aberdeen I worked as a site supervisor, in charge of a very expensive operation in a highly challenging environment. It was rather enjoyable and thus I remained highly motivated. I fully expected whatever role i undertook next would equally challenge me. When the time arrived something unexpected happened. The price of oil plummeted.

Despite working ten years, i would say this was my first oil crisis and if we’re honest about it it’s not a small crash either. I won’t delve too much into the nuances and fall out of oil dipping into the $20s (maybe I’ll write about it in another post) but suffice to say it meant jobs were scarce with job cuts rife. I ended up with a job that did not motivate me potentially for the next 3-4 years. Decision time, stick or twist. Stick meant security (for how long?) and a steady paycheck. Twist meant a journey into the unknown.

As you now know I twisted. The reason came down the issue I mentioned earlier, motivation. I was bored, very bored. The prospect of trundling along at a pace dictated to by the Company for the next 30 plus years (assuming I didn’t get fired along the way) filled me with dread. If I didn’t leave now, would I ever leave? If I wanted to try something different would I ever get a better opportunity?

And so here we are today. The sun setting on one era and the beginning of a new adventure. In the words of a friend ‘exciting times’.

So why have this blog? Well I have the following aims:

  • I want to document my journey and so hope to post a couple of times a week.
  • Use it as a place to explore my ideas and frustrations and hopefully generate some meaningful discussion – if you have any topics you think I should talk about let me know too.
  • Though I am stepping out of oil I will try and post once a month about the industry and issues affecting it. A bit silly to completely disassociate myself from an area I’ve spent significant time in.
  • I’ll also discuss/critique other start-ups I interact with. I hope that adds value for those founders as well as helping me develop a style.
  • Finally I’ll try to keep the tone engaging and a little light-hearted. All pictures are either my own (see Flickr which I hope to continue to keep updated) or from stock images.

Thank you for reading if you’ve got this far! Feel free to leave any comments and feedback is always appreciated 🙂



22 thoughts on “Last week I quit my job – here’s why

  1. Read today.

    Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I know that feeling… To resign is a topic a lot of people talk about, and only the brave will do. I hope it works out for you. Enjoy your new life 🙂
    And when you decide to visit The Hague…we can go for a coffee if you like.


    1. You need to take a leap of faith at some point. I have to admit if the oil price didn’t drop like it did I probably would have continued as I was. A blessing in disguise?

      I’ll let you know when I am around 🙂


  3. Good luck mate. Never a bad time to get out of your comfort zone and take some time to remind yourself what motivates you.


    1. Thanks Mike. From the feedback I’ve had, the theme of motivation has featured quite prominently. Motivation regardless of what stage of your career you are at remains a crucial part of one’s life.

      It will be something I think on and write about further in the future.


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