Reflections – one month in

We are one month to the day since I left my job and after the epic two parter last week delving into my time at Shell, I thought it was a good time to take stock and reflect on how this blog is progressing. First up let’s have a look at my most popular posts:

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In my initial outline I said I wanted to blog my experiences as I embarked on becoming an ‘entrepreneur’. In some ways it’s no surprise then that the most popular posts are the ones where I write about my own direct experiences. Especially those relating to leaving my job and the reasons and learning surrounding it. The other posts I have written are not resonating as much because I broadly appeal at the moment to individuals who are still in their jobs and not those who are embarking on their own journey into the unknown. I also think the subjects dealt with are not quite so unique – there are many blog posts out there being written all the time on those subjects. But I do need to establish a baseline on certain topics before I advance upon them. And this is best achieved in my own words. So there will be lulls in the readership at times but that’s the way it’s going to have to be.

Writing on a consistent basis is hard. Despite all the free time, I still have to think of the damn topics. Funnily enough the writing part itself has gone ok. I expected to spend hours staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration. Keeping the tone in in a more conversational form has helped. And naturally the more you write, the easier it becomes. Nothing beats experience.

I’ve unwittingly committed myself to two posts a week too, Unfortunately I can’t quite back down now and reduce this to one a week (also to note the second post will be on Fri and not Thursday; Friday seems a better day for some reason). I do think one a week isn’t quite sufficient to maintain interest in a blog. So I will have to get creative on the topics. That leads me onto the direction of this blog. I have been pondering on establishing a more defined theme. Who is this blog for? Just writing about my own experiences isn’t quite good enough. We need some definition.

This blog is to give perspective for people who have left their corporate jobs and want to venture into the unknown. Through my own experiences I hope to give readers an idea of what to expect, understand some of the decisions I make as well as ideas and tools to help them along the way. Some of the items will be nitty gritty but as I said before, baselines need to be established.

I will indulge occasionally about into some philosophical articles (I mentioned motivation), but the insights from them will help you think about problems as you move along. And let’s be honest, starting a business or being an entrepreneur is all about tackling a never ending amount of problems.

Lastly articles on the oil and energy industry. I cannot escape the fact that a fair few of my readers are from the oil industry and I have opinions. Lot’s of them! I’ve refrained and delayed some posts as they got way too geeky. So any articles on the subject I do write are likely incorporating insights and learning from my entrepreneurial journey.

I am also very much open to your views. As I’ve said a few times, coming up with topics isn’t easy! So please leave some ideas in the comments and any feedback you have. As I’ve said many times, this is a forward looking blog. And so this feels like the end of ‘phase 1’ of my blogging adventure with a lot of reflecting. Phase 2 starts and the train has very much left the station.


p.s. – for those wondering, yes there is stuff happening in the background relating to a business and I am not just blogging and waffling. We’re getting there, but things take longer than you think (hmm I think I have a blog topic right there….)

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